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Leah Ochoa

I love how welcoming everyone is as soon as you walk through the door! The atmosphere is so friendly and clean! The training I receive helps put into perspective what exactly I need to know when it comes to defending myself! I think it is also cool that they give you the opportunity to learn techniques with different the different weapons and gear! They also offer a women's only class which is very comforting especially if you are nervous about training in the first place! I can't wait to continue training with them in the hopes of receiving my black belt here!

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Our MMA Fitness Program


HUGE OPPORTUNITY!!  OUR FITNESS Program is designed to change your life, but this is not a “magic pill” or “gimmick. Expect to work out and train hard.

It does not matter what shape you are in, only that you try your hardest and finish! Reserve your spot.  910 989 0006

We are looking for people that are ready to change their lives with the help of our coaches!

You do not need to be in good shape to start.

This program is designed for beginners but can be modified for anyone!

Must be willing to come to facility2-3days a week and be accountable to your coach and teammates.

No catches or gimmicks!  This is a program that you set your goals and we help you achieve them.    Work with your own coach to reach your goals.  Fitness assessments, classes that change weekly and challenge you in a non-intimidating environment oh and it is fun!

Cardio kickboxing / MMA Fitness Calorie burning strength and conditioning training Jacksonville NC at Martial Arts and More

A fat-burning, muscle-building workout that blends striking with interval training. “You’ll punch with jabs, crosses, hooks, and uppercuts, and perform front kicks and roundhouse kicks,”. Students can expect to be exhausted afterward. “The average guy will burn between 800 and 1,200 calories in a one-hour class,” “and his metabolism will be 10% to 15% higher for the next eighteen hours.”. “Since you’ll be moving side to side, cross trainers are the best,”. Also, bring a towel and a jump rope. You’ll warm up with a few minutes of light calisthenics, do some stretching and bodyweight exercises, then progress right into the kickboxing. “We switch from a high-intensity exercise to a low-intensity exercise, similar to sprinting,”.